Confirming its proactive spirit, which is an essential part of its “DNA”, Prime Yield is focused on communicating with its stakeholders in “key moments”, either through its own exclusive events or in initiatives where it intervenes at the invitation of other entities and partners.

Conference “NPL Europe – 9th edition”, London, 7-8 of March 2019

Prime Yield has reinforced its presence in the “NPL Europe” conference, a leading European event focused on the NPL market and organized by Smith Novak. On the event’s 9th edition, the company was both a sponsor and a panelist. Nelson Rêgo, the company’s CEO, was the moderator of the panel debating the Servicing Plataforms, which took place on the conference’s day one (March 7th, 12h15). Besides including an initial kick-off keynote speech by Phil Walker (Hipoges), the debate panel included the participation of Iheb Nafaa (Servihabitat), Manuel Enrich (Sareb), Matilde Vazquez (Situs), Riccardo Sigaudo (Banca Ifis) and Gonzalo Gutiérrez de Mesa (Finsolutia).
Strongly focusing on the NPL&REO markets in Europe and Latin America, Prime Yield took the opportunity to release, first hand at this leading event, its newest report “Keep an Eye on the NPL&REO Markets”, that provides an outlook over the Portuguese, Spanish. Greek and Brazilian markets.
“NPL Europe” is one of the largest events focused on the European NPL market, gathering over 350 delegates from 200 companies active in this industry and discussing the market’s latest developments, information and trends. The conference’s 9th edition took place in London, on the 7th and 8th March.

NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference”, 13-14th September 2018

The company integrated the debates focused on Portugal and Brazil during the “NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference”, held in London in 13-14th September, and released the Autumn updates of its NPL researches for Portugal and Brazil.

NPL Europe 2018 – Autumn Conference

This was the 8th edition of the leading Pan-European event for the Non-Performing Loans (NPL) market, in which Prime Yield participated on the Portuguese market session and on the one focused in emerging markets (including Brazil). Nelson Rêgo, CEO of Prime Yield, has integrated the Portugal session, that took place in Day 1, 15h45 pm. As for the panel dedicated to Brazil, which took place also in Day 1 (12h15 pm), Prime Yield was represented by José Antonio Santos, Managing Director for Brazil. Prime Yield also released, first hand in this event, its Autumn updates on the recent researches developed about NPL markets in Portugal and Brazil, which are focused on the key data and transaction potential for 2018 and 2019 in both countries.

Debtwire Portugal Breakfast 2018, 21 June 2018

Prime Yield was represented at the Debtwire Portugal Breakfast 2018, held in Lisbon on 21st June, by its CEO, Nelson Rêgo, who was one of the invited participants to the discussion panel dedicated to «Opportunities for investors in the Portuguese NPL Market».
Organized by Debtwire in partnership with DLA Piper, the event took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz, gathering several national and international experts from the asset investment and debt restructuring industry to jointly discuss opportunities in the Portuguese market from NPL.

Debtwire Portugal Breakfast 2018

Conference “Opportunities for Investments in Portugal – 360 Degrees”, held in São Paulo, 6 June 2018

Portuguese property market presented by Prime Yield at an event in Brazil, at the headquarters of Riviera Investimentos. The presentation of Prime Yield, by Nelson Rêgo, CEO of the company, approached the residential market in Lisbon and Cascais, mainly focusing on prices (per sq.m) and their evolution, will be the central theme of this communication.

Oportunidades de Investimentos em Portugal – 360 Graus

Conference “Portugal: What is Hot, What is Not”, 10 April 2018

The company has moderated the panel about rehabilitation and tourism at the fully attended conference promoted by online newspaper ECO and DPL Piper, held in April 10th.
Under the theme “Rehabilitation also is Real Estate and Tourism”, the discussion panel was moderated by Nelson Rêgo, CEO of Prime Yield. The debate took place precisely in the same day that the company launched its newest edition of the research “Urban Rehabilitation for Residential Use in Lisbon”, co-developed with DLA Piper.

Portugal: What is Hot, What is Not

Conference “NPL Europe 2018” in London, 8th and 9th March 2018

Prime Yield joined in “NPL Europe – Spring Conference 2018), held in London, 8th and 9th March.
After integrating the Autumn edition of the most important event about NPL in Europe, Prime Yield is once again participating in the Spring Conference 2018 of “NPL Europe”. Prime Yield’s CEO, Nelson Rêgo, is one of the panellists in the block dedicated to the Portuguese NPL market, along with VdA, Finsolutia, Montepio Bank, AnaCap or JP Morgan representatives. The block is chaired by Nuno Azevedo Neves, from DLA Piper.

NPL Europe 2018

Conference “Real Estate Disrupted” in London, 6 July 2017

Prime Yield was one of the companies invited to join the panel discussions at the “Real Estate Disrupted” conference, hosted by DLA Piper and held in London on 6 July. Nelson Rêgo, CEO of Prime Yield, was one of the speakers at the panel discussions on real estate opportunities in Southern Europe, which took place in the morning and which, among other topics, addressed the issue of NPLs and how they could constitute an opportunity for investors interested in Portugal.

See here video about Prime Yield’s participation in Real Estate Disrupted

Seminar “Real Estate Investment in Portugal – Challenges and Opportunities”, 30 June 2017

Invited to speak at the event by Belzuz Abogados, the law firm that organized the seminar, Prime Yield was represented by Nelson Rêgo, its CEO. The companys communication began with the presentation of the key indicators of the tourist market in Portugal, also presenting a picture of property investment in Lisbons urban rehabilitation market, disclosing the main findings of the companys most recent research “Rehabilitation for Residential Use in Lisbon | 2017 “. This event took place at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.

Presentation of the Research about urban rehabilitation in Porto, 4 November 2016

Following the Lisbon’s edition launched early in the year, Prime Yield released the research “Rehabilitation for Residential Use in Porto”. The report was presented on the 4th November 2016 in Porto. Full room at Sheraton Hotel to attend the presentation of this innovative initiative focused on the rehabilitation for residential use in Porto. About 100 people participated in this session, where José Velez, executive director of Prime Yield, highlighted the most important findings of this new report that now analyses Porto, after the launch of the research focused in Lisbon that was released in the beginning of 2016.

Presentation of the Research about urban rehabilitation in Lisboa, 25 February 2016

Prime Yield has publicly presented its latest research “Rehabilitation for Residential Use in Lisbon”. The highly participated session took place in a breakfast meeting in Lisbon in 25th February. The presentation was attended by over 40 people from both the property industry and public entities and was held in the headquarters of SRS Advogados, which associated Prime Yield in this research contributing with the legal insight. Prime Yield presented the main conclusions of this new research, stating at the time that the research will have future editions.

Sessions “Internationalization Tools in the Property Market”, April, May and June 2012, Lisboa

Prime Yield integrated, as a speaker, the workshops organized by Vida Imobiliária, presenting the property market in each of the countries approached and also sharing its internationalization experience. The cycle comprised three workshops focused in Brazil, Mozambique and Angola.

Ferramentas de Internacionalização

Conference “Investir Brasil. A Oportunidade é hoje!”, 13 October 2011, Lisboa

Prime Yield associated this conference in order to reinforce its position as a leading company in the Portuguese-Speaking markets. The event discussed the main opportunities, challenges and features of property investment in Brazil; gathering the most important companies and associations of this industry both in Brazil and Portugal.

Conference Prime Yield in Brazil: “Investimento e Avaliação Imobiliária – A experiência europeia e a realidade brasileira”, 26 November 2010

Marking the company’s entry on the Brazilian market, Prime Yield promoted this conference to bridge the gap between the best practices in the European Valuation sector and the Brazilian reality.

Ferramentas de Internacionalização

Conference Prime Yield in Portugal: “O Investimento Imobiliário nos Mercados Lusófonos”, 21 May 2010

The conference aimed to provide the attendees with a global vision about opportunities emerging in Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde and Mozambique. The event invited speakers with high professional experience in these markets and in the following areas:

  • Appropriated investment vehicles in the Portuguese-Speaking markets
  • Financing property development
  • Support to Internationalization process
  • Specific features for analysing property investment in these countries.

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