As part of its partnership with property portal Casa Sapo, Prime Yield reinforced the range of services provided to the property market. Targeted to private buyers and users and to small sized property professionals, this new service complements the online property valuation service provided by Casa Sapo, offering a final valuation executed by a CMVM certified valuer, secured by a Prime Yield professional.

The Valuation Service offered in Casa Sapo generates informative online valuations, which can be associated to a specific property, using the property database of Casa Sapo. Based in a sample of this database, one can obtain an average value index by square metre that is subsequently multiplied by the area of the specific property for which the service is provided. Thus, an estimate of the market value of the property is achieved, based on the existing offer in the catchment area of the property that is being valuated.

Additionally, and for those clients who aim to obtain a more accurate value and a more in-depth valuation, Prime Yield provides a service that includes a visit to the property that is object of the initial Casa Sapo valuation. The client is, thus, in position to access a final valuation value that is granted by a CMVM certified valuer, executed by a Prime Yield professional.

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