Prime Yield wants Greener Property Valuations: Company renews Environmental Certification ISO 14001

Company renews Environmental Certification ISO 14001

Prime Yield has renewed its ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes the company’s commitment to the protection of the environment, validating a more effective management of environmental aspects related to its business.

The company thus remains the only one in Portugal in real estate valuations and consultancy to have this certification, which not only confirms its commitment to environmental protection as well the close attention paid to a changing real estate market. Prime Yield was certified in environmental management for the first time in 2011, thus accumulating 10 years of recognition of the value given to sustainability.

Nelson Rêgo, CEO of Prime Yield states that “sustainability is part of our DNA and something we have always been committed to. We have been investing in this certification for a decade and we are decided to go even further, moving towards increasingly greener property valuations. One of our short-term objectives is to carry out paperless valuations”.

Part of its sustainability strategy and alongside the several initiatives it adopts for a “greener” management, Prime Yield is also implementing the practice of conducting real estate valuations without the use of paper, focusing on the digitalization of the entire process, which includes eliminating printed reports.

Prime Yield’s growing commitment to sustainability, as mirrored in its internal practices, is also a reflection of the company’s monitoring of a market that is in a challenging transformation. In addition to the positive impact on the environment, people, and surroundings, in the real estate business sustainability can also have a very important impact on the value of properties, being a way to obtain higher returns and maximize the value of assets.

Prime Yield has concluded, through several studies carried out for clients and property valuations carried out, that developing more sustainable properties, whether new-built or rehabilitated, can represent a prize of up to 10% in commercial real estate rents. In housing, a more sustainable and energy efficient home could be worth around 15% more. In addition to the prize in returns generated, there are also significant reductions in terms of consumption and maintenance costs.

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